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WSWA D&I Roundtable Breakfast

**Invite only for WSWA members - See Membership Page to become a member of WSWA.**


This small group discussion amongst WSWA and D&I leaders sparked a lively exchange of ideas and perspectives of various firms. Participants talked about trends and observations in regards to talent development, culture, engagement and metrics/accountability.


Talent Development

  • Trend of seeing women consistently undersell themselves on their resumes

  • Leaders need to frame conversations (e.g. promotion process) to discourage bias and stay objective

    • Avoiding descriptors like “executive presence” and asking people to provide clear examples of what they mean in order to make fact-based decisions

  • Redefine and recognize what good mangers look like. They hire, develop and retain diverse talent.

  • In the push to change the numbers and hire and highlight, don’t forget about the home grown talent, deliver tough feedback and succession plan and visibility of opportunity (is there male attrition?)


  • Representative demographics are important, but firms shouldn’t lose sight of the inclusion component

  • Work from anywhere trends

    • The culture can’t be that only women need flexible working arrangements

  • Encourage men to take extended paternity, reduce “gender shaming”


  • Implementing quarterly meetings with managers significantly increased engagement scores

  • ERGs / Affinity Groups - benefit of collaboration across ERGs to drive a more inclusive agenda and reduce “event fatigue”


  • Role of technology in assessing and measuring success

    • Data tracking (from attracting & recruiting, through to performance, education, and retention)

    • Decision making data tracking –understanding the bias, what can you do to close the gap? Aim to fix the decisions

    • Employee satisfaction surveys that include inclusion and contribution/value diagnosis

  • Ongoing unconscious bias training, one workshop/session doesn’t change the behavior, educate and then incorporate ways to make managers and teams accountable to change group think